Thursday, June 08, 2006
i haven't sold out, really

Do you have an iPod or use iTunes? Do you like your iPod, and wonder if there aren't more ways to squeeze out some functionality outta that white (or black) plastic casing? Or do you simply crave to peruse the huge wealth of accessories available for Apple's tiny musical wonder?

Let me present your answer:

It's 98 pages filled with reviews, tips, and some useful instructional goodness that makes me wish it was available when I first bought my iPod (which sadly, is still having some problems). Pretty much any iPod-related question you can think of is in the book, including guides to ripping CD and video, choosing headphones and speakers systems, to making podcasts and customizing iTunes. Yeah, there's also some advertisements in it, but nothing worst than what you'd see in a magazine.... so give it a try! =)

(click the above graphic to the book's download page... book formatted in Adobe PDF)


*In the interest of full disclosure, I'm a long time reader/member of iLounge (formerly 'iPod Lounge'), the iPod enthusiast site that is publishing the book, and there's a contest to see which blog can muster the most referrals to the book site... given my wealth of free time and current poverty, I figured why not try, eh?

Please give 'em a visit and check the book... it's definitely a professional quality publication.


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