Sunday, May 21, 2006
green tea cafe?

I've been a fan of tea longer than I've been a fan of coffee. Since I was young, I've associated drinking tea with eating good food - especially jasmine tea with yumcha and green tea with Japanese food. I only really started drinking coffee during my time as a college student, which coincidentally coincided with the big rise of coffeehouse culture and chains like Starbucks, Seattle's Best, and Tully's.

The Seattle Times today had an article on a brand-new business called Koots Green Tea, opening at the (blang-blang) Lincoln Square building in downtown Bellevue. Owned and operated by Kouta Matsuda, an entrepeneur from Japan, the concept of the business is merging cafe culture + drinks featuring Japanese-style green tea. You can read the article right here.

An awesome quote from Matsuda about his vision for the company:

"I'm looking at it long-term," Matsuda said. "[The] Japanese and Chinese have been drinking teas for 4,000 years. Look at how healthy we are."

That's right, American health is still dominated by the specter of obesity and ill-health. haha.

Though Bellevue has a fairly large Asian American community (including Japanese Americans), it'll be interesting to see how the business does since it's based around the serving of maccha green tea (抹茶), which has definitely a much stronger taste than other kinds of green tea. The taste is also different than the black tea most (white) people in the US seem to prefer.

Still, I hope Koots is successful. It'll be a nice new place to study / chill at, especially since the Lincoln Square has free parking. Maybe I'll pay a visit sometime in the next week to check it out.

EDIT: The official website.


something to look forward to back home... :-) i was wondering how much i'd miss drinking maccha once i leave japan.
I think that someone from my church got a job can probably ask Amy about it.
angela>yeah, I especially miss items and such from Japan... eat up all the ramen, soba, and udon you can get there! It's so cheap back home.

Jon> nice! can they hook us up? Maybe we should have our Bible study meeting there sometime... ;)
If you replace all the references to "green tea" with "rum and diet," then I'm in.
oglivy> haha.
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