Tuesday, May 02, 2006
elementary animal design

One of the great joys of teaching most elementary school students is that our capitalistic, dogmatic, and dull society hasn't quite yet finished choking out all their creativity and willingness to take risks. As a result, whenever the kids are given the freedom to do something artistic, I always find what they come up with to be very interesting.

For a recent book report assignment, the students in my 2nd grade class had to read a (non-fiction or fiction) book that featured a real animal as a major character, and after reading the book, make a hand puppet of the animal with their summary/review of the book on the back. A trio of my favorites:

Can you guess what each animal is?

(super bonus points if you can figure out what children's book each comes from)


i have no idea what books these are ( i work w/ high school students) but your your kids are talented!
cow. cat and fish.
too cute.

i'm not even gonna pretend i know what books they are from.

oh, i totally didn't read the post right. cow, jackal/ anubis, and frog.
HuiJeong, Faye> thx. You gals are good It's a cow, cat, and catfish(!). When first saw them, I thought the cat was Anubis too because of the ankh, but it's actually a birthmark on the cat in the book my student was reading. At first look, I thought the catfish was a bright green kappa (monster from Japanese fables).
the cat has a birthmark that is an ankh or your student accidently made it look like an ankh?
HuiJeong- The cat's birthmark is supposed to be shaped like an ankh. The book currently very popular with the "advanced readers" in my class - it's called 'Time Cat' by Lloyd Alexander.
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