Thursday, April 27, 2006
yay, Game Boy

Never underestimate the therapeutic power of food, a drink, and some video games. My current obsessions:

clockwise from top left: FF Tactics, Advance Wars, Puzzle Fighter, Final Fantasy I & II: DoS

While the Game Boy Advance SP I currently own isn't on the cutting edge of portable gaming technology, it's very functional, handy, and fully compatibly with an insane amount of games - I can even play my old original Gameboy games (they actually work!) I still have my original Gameboy that I got from one of my church "aunties" when I was a kid, back when Gameboys were brand-new in '89-90... and of course, it came with TETRIS. ;)

It's a little bit dusty, but otherwise still in great condition... I took this thing on plenty of trips, both around Seattle and to Cali.

One more day until the weekend and much needed rest after a hectic week.


you're not hardcore if your original gameboy is still fully functional. I played mine to the point where lines of pixels started going out on the screen.

I'm kind of tempted to get one of those new DS lite gameboys, nice and compact unlike the beast of a handheld the first DS was.
I left Nintendo for Sony. I must say that I'm out of date when it comes to new games for the gameboy or Nintendo, but I must say that Advance wars look cool. I'm tempted to buy a SP or DS, but I'm wondering if I should save money. Anyway, why am I thinking of buying new games when I have so many unplayed ones? That's not good...

Anyway, hang in there!
Mel>played your GB to death, eh? haha. The DS lite definitely looks cool... wireless portable gaming!

JonF>Thx! I guess if me and Mel buy a DS lite, you'll be getting one too, right? Haha.
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