Monday, April 03, 2006
weekend feasting, weekday famine

Because of the nature of my current life as an elementary school teacher / grad student , I find (regrettably) that I spend very little time both eating during the week. While I'm allotted a full 50 minutes for lunch while I'm working at the school, I find I usually spend only about 30 minutes of it actually sitting and eating, as I'm usually wolfing down my food so I can use part of my lunch period to do things like grade papers, prepare for my next lesson, etc.

At home, in the small moments I can cook, it's often something quick and dirty because I'm usually just cooking for either myself, or myself and my mom. I tend to eat that food fast too, because I'm wrapped up in getting work done or just having more time to relax. And to save money, I rarely get take-out or eat out these days during the week... besides, most restaurants don't have a vegetarian option.

Yep, the other complicating factor is my fasting for Lent - no beef / pork / poultry / lamb or their derived meat products like SPAM (*sob*), polish sausage, bacon, corned beef, etc. I've allowed myself seafood and eggs, but I'm starting to hit the point where I'm really missing meat. I miss the convenience and satisfaction of fried SPAM & eggs on rice.

Still, on weekends, I get to make up for all my frugal weekday eating habits. While this past weekend, I didn't embark on any wine expeditions, I did eat kaiten-zushi with Shiv, Josh, and Val at an inexpensive joint in downtown Bellevue. Afterwards, we relaxed over drinks at a nice, smaller spot called "The Pumphouse" that Josh took me to before. I got served a pretty stiff Irish Coffee there and that made me happy.

Saturday, Shiv and I went to Jillian's to meet Cora, AKA Moi-Moi Numero Dos, who was in town for the weekend. We watched the Final Four, though none of us really were too enthusiastic about cheering for anybody but tournament cinderella George Mason and we spent most of the time just chatting and catching up over one of the pillars of American sports event nutrition, beer and nachos.

Looks like Cora will be heading out to NYC to go to grad school at Columbia... congrats! We decided to mark the occasion by taking a cool photo.

For those of you out in Internet land that are wondering "Gee, what makes a cool photo?", I've painstakingly diagrammed all the elements that make this a good picture. No need to thank me... after all, I'm here to help.

GRATEFUL TODAY FOR: Hot tea, anti-histamines, oranges


the beer arrow is pointing to Cora's Thomas Kemper root beer bottle. =) shiv
hahaha. nice diagram. i'll have to keep those in mind next time to make sure my pics are cool. -f
Shiv> haha! oops.

faye> heh, I'm sure you don't need my advice. I should be getting pointers from you, the masta photographer! ;)
i bought like a whole bunch of oranges. i ate one. and the next day. the ones that i hadn't eaten yet had some sort of mold furcoat on them. then i got a funny tummy.
pip> sad! sounds like you bought some bad oranges...
YUMS! Sushiland.... i gave up rice for lent... it's been hard too so i know how you feel, except on the other end of the spectrum. spam isn't as enjoyable when you can't have it with rice.
dude. drive down to Wine Country. isnt Napa like the halfway point between Seattle and LA?
swirley> no rice?! you're hardcore.

dks> hmmm... an interesting proposal...
That diagram was totally fanatic teacherly. Good stuff!
you know I gotta break it down...
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