Saturday, April 29, 2006
news roundup

Reading the newspaper is still one of the few things I have time for these days.

  • Filipino Table Etiquette Punished at School - This sounds like exactly the kind of school that I'd hate working in. A 2nd grade Filipino-Canadian boy was punished by his school for eating with a fork and a spoon during lunch! Understandably upset, his mother called the principal of the school and the principal responded by saying, "Madame, you are in Canada. Here in Canada you should eat the way Canadians eat." WTH is that supposed to mean?!? That just because a Filipino kid wants to eat with a fork and a spoon, he's not eating like a Canadian? What a racist prick... I hope that principal loses his job for his behavior and his comments. Send your irritated e-mails and phonecalls here:

    Norman Bergeron, Director

    École Lalande
    50, 3ième Avenue Sud
    Roxboro (Québec)
    H8Y 2L5
    École: 855-4238 (I researched and I think the area code is 514 in Canada)

    Télécopieur: 684-3330

    Thanks to AngryAsianMan for the link to the article.

  • Judge Rebuffs Marine Defense - Four marines accused of raping a woman in the Philippines tried to work the system by not entering a plea as part of their legal strategy, but the Judge instead entered the standard "not guilty" plea. Hours before, the official prosecution from the government (!) tried to downgrade 3 of the marines from principals to accomplices, but the judge denied that motion too. Of course, this isn't the first time that American servicemen have been in trouble for this sort of behavior... Okinawa or Samguh-ri, anyone? And just to be clear how I feel: often, it's not just the soldiers who are fault in some of these cases. It's their officers, and US government policies that administer them as well.

  • Local Churches Try "Whole Life" Faith - An interesting article about local Seattle area churches making an effort to move into ethnically and economically diverse communities, with the intentions building up the community, helping the poor, and worshipping with different people.

  • Bush Says National Anthem Shouldn't Be Sung In Spanish - The latest shot in the anti-immigrant wars in US politics. I honestly don't think this will endear the Republican party to Hispanic voters as this in blatant catering to conservative and extremist groups like the so-called Minutemen Project. Before you know it, there'll be calls for the banning of speaking all non-English languages... we all know how offensive it is to sensitive folks hear other languages here in AmeriKKKa!


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