Sunday, April 16, 2006
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Even on Easter, there's still news.

  • Pope Calls For Peace in Easter Message - "Concerning the international crises linked to nuclear power, may an honorable solution be found for all parties, through serious and honest negotiations," Benedict said without naming any country. I think the subtext to the US: "Hey, why don't you actually try negotiating and using some tactful diplomacy instead of invading another Middle Eastern country, OK?"

  • Two Washingtons, Two Reactions to Hu - Unlike the rest of the China-paranoid obsessed country, I'd like to think people here in Seattle and Washington state understand the importance of developing good relations with the PRC. There's a Chinese restaurant downtown in Chinatown/the International District that's had both the US and the PRC flag hanging outside the front in anticipation of the visit.

  • Demonstrations on Immigration Harden Divide - When large masses of Hispanics and other people of color started marching in reaction to the anti-immigrant laws up in Congress, some (white) folks got scared. "Oh no, colored people! And they're ORGANIZED!" Predictable reaction.

  • More Retired Generals Call for Rumsfeld's Resignation - An admirable move by them all, but honestly, the buck doesn't at Rumsfeld. Sure, he ignored the advice of competent generals like Gen. Eric Shinseki (ret.), but I think the fault of Iraq runs way beyond just Rumsfeld. The entire current regime, er, administration, ought to resign over the way Iraq and the rest of our post-9/11 world has shaped up... we've become a nation ruled by fear. Anybody else getting flashes of V for Vendetta whenever you watch the news? O_o


hey, can you forward me the characters for the biblical "faith, hope, love" oooh, and if you can, in a calligraphy type font. hahahaha.
Trevor- hahah, what am I, your personal Chinese dictionary? >=)

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