Tuesday, April 25, 2006
it's like D-Day, only without Nazis and explosions

If there's one day of the week that I've learned that can be tough as an elementary school teacher, it's Mondays. Yep, Mondays...

When the kids come to school on Mondays, fresh off of two days of a school-less, blissful weekend, it's an instant war for their attention - while you're trying to remind them to sit still, do double-digit subtraction, and not hit their chatty neighbor Johnny with their blunted no. 2 pencil, their brains are still filled with episodes of the latest show on Cartoon Network, playing Pokemon on their Game Boy Advance SP, eating french fries at McDonald's, chess club, or their last soccer practice. To be honest, it can hard to capture the attention of young kids these days, especially the ones as financially well-off and as privileged as the ones I'm working with now. They're definitely a tough crowd.

I was hoping to get everybody safely ashore on the happy beaches of ordered education on Monday, but it turns out that today was a bit a overtly noisy day too. Unfortunately for me, my advisor from my SU program happened to be doing one of his in-class observations today and he witnessed some of craziness. How Murphy's Law that the observation would happen on a day that kids were neither behaving good nor the lesson going well. My advisor and supervising teacher are kind people, but I really wouldn't rate today as one of best performances in the role of "teacher" and their honest feedback reflected that. =/

On top of all that, I haven't been feeling so healthy lately, either. I'm hoping it's just hay fever brought on by spring, and not a fever or flu.

After I got home from work feeling pretty defeated, so I dealt with it in the usual ways: took nap, got comfort food from my favorite local Korean-owned takeout joint, watched a movie, and then a couple of shots of JW on the rocks...

Tomorrow's another day, I guess...


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