Wednesday, April 12, 2006
camp re-cap

As promised, the pictures...

It's very green in Washington state... especially out in Eatonville (where the camp was at)

Chong and Simo. Good to have Wudan well represented.

Ed and Kev, two of the HS guys in the group I led.

Table tennis battle.

From the organized rec time... we played a game sorta like dodgeball with small, foam stress balls. You can see me directing the firefight on the left in the 2nd pic.

Prep for the next organized rec game... "ice cream cone battle".

Kristie demonstrates how she disciplines her kids. Haha.

The "ice cream cone battle". People are in teams and every person has an ice cream cone tied to their back. The goal is to eliminate the other people on other teams by smashing their ice cream cone with a rolled newspaper covered by a sock. Watching it sorta like watching a live re-enactment of "Braveheart", only with out blue facepaint or Mel Gibonson.

Last organized rec game of the afternoon... one volunteer from each team had to stick their head in a tub of raspberry jello / punch to fish out certain items: plastic golf wiffle balls, hard-boiled eggs, and chocolate eggs. Messy.

Sunday breakfast. Our speaker, Pastor Joe Alvarez, in a striped shirt on the right in the 2nd picture. The fact that he's a Mexican American who grew up in the ghetto in Las Vegas brought some fresh insights and perspectives to the kids. His wife is Korean American.

Punishment time... one of many that happened during the camp. People who lose their stuff usually must endure something to get it back. Here, other people brush their teeth for them... and miss frequently.

Post-camp, my group and many other people decided to go small restaurant called Herfy's Burger and Teriyaki on the way home. It's a local, Korean family-owned chain... there's also another Herfy's close to my church that I recently discovered. I had a delicious fried fish sandwich and a coffee ice cream shake. Mmm.

Back at the church, waiting in the park lot for the parents to come pick up the kids.

A picture of the senior HS guys in my small group, myself, and some of the other volunteer staff. (Nope, that's not a cig in my mouth... just the end of lollipop. Don't you know tobacco is bad for you?)


Hi, thanks for leaving a message. I finally had the time to go blog visiting today and I enjoy reading your entries.

Sigh, seeing all these great pics brings me back to those crazy-sadistic camp days eons ago. I shared a room with 3 other girls and we were so self conscious that we'll take turns climbing into the wardrobe to change. Yeesh.

Have a great weekend.
God times...good times. heh.

What's the random white girl doing in the photograph...haha.
Thx! haha, climbing into the wardrobe to change? too funny.

Believe it or not, she was a volunteer counselor at our camp! Yes, God and our church loves white people too... haha.
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