Wednesday, March 08, 2006
yaaaarrrgh, traffic

I really, really, really, REALLY hate traffic. When your daily commute to school ranges from over 1 hour to 1.5 hours one way, everyday, most of which is sitting in your car on a freeway-turned-parking-lot, it really irritates me. Add into the traffic mix stupid soccer moms and their swerving SUVs, mid-life crisis corporate monkeys and their speeding luxury sedans, and sleepy truckdrivers with their loosely tied down cargo... my mornings and late afternoons are filled with a lot of yelling, derogatory remarks about parentage, and unfriendly hand gestures.

Music from bumpin' from the playlist only seems to keep me sane half the time.

Did I mention I'm also a slave to the traffic flow map?

YARRRGGGHHH, traffic. (I should explain "yarrrghh" in another entry...)



It's finals week. The nice thing about being a graduate student in my program is that I don't have to worry about tests. The not so nice thing is that I have to worry about group presentations and a crapload of papers, one of which is another 20+ page unit plan paper.


GRATEFUL TODAY FOR: Near end of the quarter, hot soup.


tests have always been my scholastic downfall -- glad to hear it's less of a worry in grad school. something to look forward to =P
the quarter is almost over. hang in there. =) life is not over yet. =)

- marcia
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