Wednesday, March 22, 2006
sympathy for non-meat eaters

I've written about my love for dumplings (AKA jiaozi, gyoza, mandoo) before, but because of my personal vows for Lent I feel the strange need to revisit the topic. Basically, since one of the things I'm abstaining from is meat from warm-blooded animals (ex. beef, pork, lamb, poultry, etc.) I can't eat your standard, pork-filled dumplings. My Lent-induced pseudo lacto-ovo vegetarianism permits me to eat seafood, dairy, and eggs, but surprisingly, my dining salvation has been these little beauties:

They're Korean vegetable dumplings filled with carrot, peas, soybeans, onion, and garlic. I'm not familiar with the exact name of the brand (it was written in Hangul), but my thrifty-ness was quite happy with the sale price of the four pound frozen bag of 'em at Uwajimaya. My freezer is now stocked with vegetable dumpling goodness, and God bless the hands of the Korean people who folded them.

However, I digress... even though Easter is approaching, this past week has been tough without meat. Being busy with teaching, I really don't have that much time to cook and would rather go out to eat if I can. Sadly, the vegetarian options at most fastfood places and restaurants are usually just SALAD... ugh. My experiences these past few weeks have made me sympathetic to the plight of vegetarians in this country, because let's face it - Americans are obsessed with eating meat, and pretty much our whole diet is structured around eating meat. Every other kind of food is just an accessory for MEAT. haha.

I'm not a meat hater, but definitely, my eyes have been opened to the lack of options for those who don't want to eat it...


teacher, teacher

I've been teaching FT at my student teaching internship since this past Monday and things have been a lot more busy than I'd thought they'd be. My poor supervising teacher has been recovering from a bout of pneumonia, so it's pretty much been me and subs trying to hold down the fort. Still, given the situation, things have been going OK. No worries... yet.


i love gyoza. i can eat like a 60 of them in a sitting. 6 boxes of 10.

mm hmm.
pip> =)
i made dumplings the other day by hand -- since all the dumplings/gyozas i could find here in Japan contain pork =P mine had chicken though...

i was a pesco-vegetarian (seafood, no land creatures) in high school and i was thinking of going back to that after Japan. i'd start now, but i still eat school lunch and it'd be a pain for EVERYONE if i suddenly announced i wasn't eating meat.
Angela- You don't eat pork? Are you Chinese?!?! heh. ;)
i'm Taiwanese =P nothing against Chinese people, but it's just what i identify myself as~
Angela- i know. i kid... ;)
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