Friday, February 17, 2006
la familia

(All photos are from the UW campus... 1,7: @Suzzallo Library; 16,18: @Random Art Sculptures; 24,25,27: @Quad

Well, the results of photo session came back and they look good... it was nice that the weather finally cooperated. My Mom is now happy and satisfied.

Thanks to our photographer Jane and GHKim Photography!

*EDIT... weird disappearing posts...


I almost didn't recognize you with your clean-shaven face and the hat. Whoa.
i think i was in a small group with your sister for cohi back in high school...
your family is so photogenic!
chongsun- haha.

angela- heh, thx. small world!
ur comments are finally working.
thanks for sharing the pics.
and i see the resemblence in u, sis and mom. it's all in the nose!! ;oP

faye- the nose knows.
bwhahahha. -f
Omg, i should really visit your blog more often. I didn't realize that you posted your pics here. You look so cute & cuddly. :D Haha, love the last pic, btw. :P
Cori- haha, thx. ;)
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