Friday, February 10, 2006
(fan) mail box, good days never come in pairs

Have you ever had one of those days where almost everything goes right exactly when you need it to? Yeah, I don't have those too often... but yesterday happened to be one of those rare times. I woke up on time, I ate a good breakfast, my commute to school wasn't bad... it was perfect.

At school, it turned out the kids had made mail boxes for Valentine's Day and taped them to the side of their desks. My supervising teacher had set up a pretty cool banking/post office system for the class, so kids addressed their Valentine's Day card envelopes in the same way as a real letter - a to & from address, and stamps. Kids in the class got to take turns being the postman/postwomen and delivering the letters. Every child also go to choose their own address for their desks. Some of the funny ones they made up - "Pink Heart Place", "Hugs Street", "Kissy Lane". Funny the things that kids think of in 2nd grade.

Adding to the humor of the setup, was my supervising teacher asking me to make a mail box for myself too - apparently, several of the students had noted that "Mr. Chan doesn't have a box!" and they wanted to send me cards too. It's nice to be remembered, eh? It's good to know the kids aren't sick of me yet.

I thought about all the bizarre illustrations I could make for my mail box - a bleeding heart in the mouth of a lion, or a picture of a guy pierced with arrows, etc. I even thought of some depressing address names for my mail box like, "Lonely Heart Hedge", "Broken Soul Street", or my favorite, "Hopeless Love Lane"... but I decided on a rather mundane picture and address. No need to depress my kids.

I hope I get lots of candy... heh =D


the opposite of perfect

In contrast to yesterday, today was just filled with tons of accidents, forgetfulness, and general misfortune. I didn't get a lot of sleep, I woke up late, and worst of all, I completely forgot to bring 3 assignments to class today, 2 of which were major. During my lunchbreak, I had to borrow a car, drive back down from Seattle to my house, pick up my papers, and come back. Along the way, I saw several car accidents and had one near miss myself... apparently, people in Seattle can't drive when it's too sunny and really windy.

It's been an unlucky start to a bad day. And there's still about 8.5 hours left until tomorrow... >.<


cute mailbox. do share what goodies and valentines u get. i shall live vicariously through mr chan and his kids. haha -f
I just want to say you have some really cool stories like this one sometimes. I love the ones you have with your job as a teacher, it's very interesting.

Good stuff.
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