Thursday, January 05, 2006
your head in the mouth of the lion

The stink over revelations about our government's handling of domestic security just won't go away, and now Mr. VP is on the warpath, claiming that if we're "serious" about fighting terrorism, us Americans should just shut up and let the government keep spying on whoever they want, even if they're innocent, law-abiding citizens. While some Republicans have been vocal in their opposition, domestic spying has become another partisan issue - the irony being that the same folks who were crying foul about the over-extension of government power in issues like intellectual design now are the same ones who are proposing that our government should have more power when it comes to spying.

Where's the consistency?

As for government claims of self-regulation and self-restraint, that's already failed miserably with revelations that the NSA destroyed evidence related to its domestic spying activities. So much for accountability.


If all this talk about the abuse of government power sounds all rather vague and theoretical to you, I'm more than happy to provide a contemporary example of the tyranny being conducted against innocent people in our country today... the film Persons of Interest documents the real stories of people our government has wrongfully harassed, arrested, and imprisoned (link from this blog). You can watch a couple of clips right here.

It should come as no surprise that the vast majority of these people are of South Asian or Middle Eastern descent. After all, nothing's more American than blaming yellow-skinned and brown-skinned folks for our problems!

Do you feel safe yet? 'Cause I sure as hell don't...


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