Tuesday, January 31, 2006
wong fu productions

Someone posted this movie on the Fighting44s site by Wong Fu Productions:

"Yellow Fever" (right click + save as)

Pretty funny, even if I think the rant by the East Indian guy in the middle of the movie was both corny and off the mark (anybody else notice he forgets his "accent" at the end?). The Western social plague of Asian fetish AKA "yellow fever" is a lot more complex than the tired argument "Asian men are weak, that's why Asian women chase after white men". Factors of institutional racism, such as the brainwashing of Asian women to a media-propagated white standard of beauty (blond hair, blue eyes, skinny, huge b00bs) that causes some women to validate their attractiveness by "getting" a WM BF, and the systematic dehumanization of all men of color (including Asian men) definitely exert an influence on relations.

Just for the record: I have nothing against interracial relationships, and yes, I believe there's also something to be said about "yellow fever" in the case of Asian men who ONLY pursue white women (BTW, for the un-informed, a huge topic of debate in the African American community is the high out-marry rates of African American men). Relationships of any kind need to founded on understanding and respect, and obviously, a violation of both like racism should never enter the equation.

I do however, have something against Asianphiles who exclusively target Asian women for their sick orientalist fantasies. While freaks like Michael Lohman are the worst variety, I would argue there's plenty of men out there whose racism and sexism in this regard is more covert - just type the word "Asian" in search field of Craigslist personal ads and you'll see scores of descriptions of guys look for their "exotic oriental princess". And I won't even begin to recount the number of times I've heard white boy jackasses crack jokes about "how easy Asian girls are" or "tight slanted p*ssies" in high school, college, and during my time in Japan.



invisible children

In the music video section on the Wong Fu Productions site, I noticed an interesting video called "invisible children" (GONE GOING) made to support the non-profit organization of the same name, invisible children.

The "invisible children" NPO is dedicated to the cause of informing the world about horrible conditions in Uganda, and the ungoing civil war that has disrupted the lives of its citizens, most notably its children - many of whom are tragically forced to become child soldiers.

While a short-term solution is to get the war stopped and the practice of child soldiers abolished, there's plenty of long-term problems that Uganda faces that are common to rest of Africa - crushing poverty, lack of food, water, basic health care, and education. It really does boggle the mind and break your heart when you consider how enormous the task is in trying to help. I recommend checking the invisible children site, they have some interesting ideas about ways to start changing things...


I don't think the Indian guy "forgets" his accent -- that's the joke. That he doesn't really have an accent in the first place.
anonymous- yeah, I got that. The whole "stereotypical Indian" accent didn't seem funny in the context of the video anyway, so I wondered why they just didn't use his regular voice.
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