Tuesday, January 17, 2006
wo chi le hen duo

I'm tired... I blame both my ridiculously long commute to Shoreline (where I have class and some practicum observation of teaching this week) and the fact that the guys from my Bible study (the Wudan crew, of course) went out to eat tabehodai hot pot at Sichuanese Cuisine again...

Many dumplings were consumed. I lost track after the 9th or 10th plate.

I have a bad feeling I'll be regreting the meal tomorrow when I sit atop the porcerlain throne.


Chinese music for Chinese food

The nice thing about GarPOD is that it always seems to find a old song I like during the "magic" of a playlist shuffle. The tune in question is an old Faye Wong joint that is probably one of my all-time favorite Faye songs...

"Reservedness" (Jing Chi)

wo cong lai bu ceng kang ju ni de mei li
suiran ni cong lai bu ceng dui wo zhao mi
wo zong shi wei xiao de kan zhe ni
wodeqing yi zong shi qing yi jiu yang yi yan di

(I have never refused your charm
Even though you have never been in love with me
I have always looked at you with a smile
My love has always easily overflowed in front of [your] eyes)

wo ceng jing xiang guo zai ji mo de ye li
ni zhong yu zai yi zai wodefang jian li
ni bi shang yan jing qin wen le wo
bu shuo yi ju jin jin bao wo zai nide huai li

(I once imagined on a lonely night
That you were finally in my room
You closed your eyes and kissed me
You silently held me tight in your arms)

woshi ai nide, wo ai ni dao di
sheng pindi yi ci wo fang xia jing chi
ren ping zi ji huan xiang yi qie guan yu wo he ni

(I really love you, I love you deeply
[This is] the first time I've let go of my reservedness
And let myself freely imagine everything about you and me)

nishi ai wode, ni ai wo dao di
sheng pin di yi ci wo fang xia jing chi
xiang xin ziji zhen de keyi shen shen qu ai ni

(You really love me, you love me deeply
[This is] the first time I've let go my reservedness
I believe that I can truly love you deeply...)

Her voice and the words are so beautiful. Thanks to this site for the help with the Yingwen, though I still feel like it's still a little off.

For a taste, click here (right click + save as). It won't be up long.


This is one of my favorite songs too! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks also for your kind comments on my site. This is Annalise from wakinghour.net, by the way.
Go Faye! -f
annalise- np.

f- go you!
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