Thursday, January 19, 2006
the simple is sublimely superior

During this past quarter in grad school, usually the highlight of my week has been Thursdays because I get to go to my student teaching internship and work with my 2nd grade class. It's a crappy commute up 405, but working with the kids really does brighten my week. Their enthusiasm gives me energy.

In the evening, I had dinner with Moi, mom, and Shiv in Chinatown. The dishes: string green beans in black bean sauce, salt & pepper porkchops, fish & doufu hotpot, hong kong style chow mein, and of course, rice. I ate a lot and then went home to take a nap.

A completely uncomplicated and boring day, but it made me happy. I'm grateful...

Too bad I gotta wake up early tomorrow to drive all the way up to freak'n Shoreline. =[


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