Sunday, January 29, 2006
the ignorance that doesn't go away

If you're a regular reader of AngryAsianMan like me, you've probably been irritated by the news of Adam Carolla's radio show "joke" of making fun of the 2006 Asian Excellence Awards with a clip of actors saying "CHING CHONG CHING CHONG" repeatedly. I use the term "joke" rather loosely, because jokes are supposed to funny... and obviously, the tired "CHING CHONG" = "how Asian people really talk" is nothing but offensive.

You can listen to a clip of it here. (right click + save as)

Fellow blogger Xian has written a fantastic editorial on the whole incident right here with a follow up piece on the station's "apology" right here. I encourage everybody to read what he wrote.

Also, I encourage everybody to speak up and don't let the people behind this little incident off the hook with their insincere little retort, "The segment was meant to be humorous and was not meant to offend anyone" - pshhht, whatever. CBS has not issued a formal apology.

Hit these people up:

Adam Carolla:
Dave Dameshek:
Rachel Perry:
Ozzie Castillo:

Here is CBS Radio's corporate contact info:

1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

Joel Hollander
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, CBS Radio

Dana L. McClintock
Senior Vice President, CBS Communications Group

They probably think that us "Orientals" are just gonna bend over and take it in the back. That we're gonna shut up and accept their half-ass response.

They're wrong.


the last time i fought this sorta battle was in the sixth grade. by the seventh, i found it below my dignity to respond.

cheap, convienient insults don't register on my radar. they bore me.

and, really, what do you want with some affected apology by thems network execs? this sorta thing ain't gonna be solved through diplomatic, dialogic channels. to squash this sorta idiocy, you gotta get militant. riots, guns, and aggresive, threatening rhetoric.
I agree to some extent with the previous post; however (despite the "emailing ain't gonna cure racism" defeatist view) could you imagine how worse it would be if there were not even this sort of protest?

I'm glad that people are pissed off and acting. There were some repurcussions against the radio show in NJ after the racist jingle about victims of the tsunami. It's tiring, I agree, to have to speak out against more of this racist crap. But it's a necessary battle.

I've posted the info from angryasianman on my blog as well, and I hope people educate the dimwit, adolescent-like racist otherwise known as Adam Corolla.
anon- if it were personal insult directed at only me, i'd be inclined to agree. however, we're talking about an attack on an ENTIRE community... and i'm certainly not going to sit back while people attack my community. you don't think people would just sit back and relax if a radio program made a show mocking the NAACP with a show filled with monkey noises, now do you?

Lee- thx for the comments. i agree... it's tiresome, but necessary.

fight the power!
I think it's impossible to separate national media racist stereotyping of people of Asian descent and other forms of racism. The slurs are symptomatic of the problem, not the problem itself. Tell Young He Ward or Jack and Casey Ward who lost their children to "Ching Chong Permanent Other" stereotyping that it's "no big deal".
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