Monday, January 16, 2006
happy birthday, MLK Jr.

The older I get, the more I have mixed feelings about the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day - none of which have to do with the man himself (he's a real American hero), but more with how Americans have chosen to celebrate the holiday. Yes, it's a government holiday, but besides a couple of rallies, parades, most people rarely think about Dr. King's work or how much of it remains undone today in our country in overcoming discrimination, racism, and poverty.

Hurricane Katrina, anyone?

The prevailing attitude among those of us who are privileged and wealthy is that the Civil Rights Movement is a thing of a past and we live in a tolerant society. Of course, this attitude changes quickly once someone personally experiences discrimination or racism, either through someone close to them or through themselves... everyone, from the most militant activist rock'n a beret to the suburban housewife picking up her kids, should reflect more on the state of how things are in this country.

Keep the Dream alive.


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people who think racism is a thing of the past should google martin luther king and check out, the third ranked page hosted by, a bunch of white power bastards trying to slander MLK and rewrite history from the "aryan" perspective. freakin' racists.
He came from modest circumstance but He could see much far advanced and God gave Him a special chance to build a world-enhanced.1st verse of "Children Of The Dream"
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