Tuesday, January 03, 2006
back to school

New definitions for intimidating:

-Your first day of class your professors pass out a 70+ page syllabus detailing the course content over the next 3 months.

-The syllabus informs you that out of the 20 different assignments during the quarter, your performance on just three projects will comprise the bulk of your grade for all assignments - 75%.

While last quarter focused on a lot of the various foundational theories behind education, learning, and child development, this quarter is the more "applicable knowledge" such as designing, implementing, and refining a curriculum for elementary school children. The three projects I mentioned earlier are units that I will have to make and use in my student teaching - a social studies unit, a literacy unit, and a mathematics/science unit.

It should be interesting.


70+ page syllabus?!?!


good luck!!!
syllabuses always make things sound more intimidating than they end up being...or so I've found.

hope it is the case this time.

social studies, science...it's been so long. hahaha.

gsak, faye- this was the syllabus to end all syllabi.
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