Tuesday, December 06, 2005
studying, i am not

I know my mind should be completely focused on all the material that's been passed my way this past quarter, yet I still find ways to distract it - like reading about Master Yoda on a mission to fetch feminine hygiene products. It's not nearly as entertaining as reading Darth Vader's pseudo-literary blog, but hey... a slacker like myself isn't that picky when finding things to waste time on.


my eye on you

I'm still trying to find a PT job to just help fund grad school, but despite my poverty, my American-influenced consumerism has me already thinking about spending money I don't even have. I've been researching ultra-portable laptops like the economic Averatec AV1020/1050 series (less than 4lbs and under a $1000) or the slightly more expensive, yet still compact and sexy Fujitsu Lifebook P7010 (CrystalView display, WiFi on/off button, biometric fingerprint scanner, & a featherweight 3.3lbs!) I think my obsession with weight is due to the ~6lbs monster HP laptop I had in Japan that Shiv graciously lended me.

But yeah... laptops are a luxury item, right?

Of course not! My mind safely rationalizes a laptop upgrade as an educational expensive and a tool for helping me plan my lessons as a teacher. Haha. ;)


heh, take a look at the ibm x40 series or t42/t43 (not as ultraportable but a good performance-size ratio). also check out sony's line of ultrathin notebooks. love em, but they're so darn expensive. i have a t42 myself, and i really like it (if you get the t-series, go for the 1400x1050 res).
I'm a not a big fan of ibm's thinkpads, but they are functional.

the sony t-series is pretty darn cool... but pricey, tho. =P
(responding): turns out that someone didn't get their letters until THIS week, so i'm probably not gonna get to send them off this Saturday morning. i'll be up and around Friday and Saturday -- you live in Renton, right? I could probably pick them up by Saturday afternoon or meet in the middle somewhere. Would that do? thanks for writing them and sorry about the rush to respond (!)
check out the acer travelmate 3002- no on board optical drive, but only 3.1 lbs and you can find it for about $1100 right now. i might be getting one off ebay for $999...
dave- nice... i like the screen size and weight, but the lack of an optical drive is almost a deal breaker for me if it's $1000+. No drive, no DVDs! =P
yeah... some ibm thinkpads aren't great. but the x and t series, in particular, are very exceptional and are pretty much set apart from the other lines.
i guess if you're into the aesthetics though, ibms are considered "ugly." but to me, a laptop is a laptop (unless a company like "ferrari" starts branding laptops of course...bwaha)
otherwise, i'd say 'invest' in an apple 12" or 15" pbook ;)
btw: the fingerprint scanner, in my opinion is pretty useless. i have one on my t42, and i don't use it at all. i guess it's got the 'cool-factor' though.
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