Tuesday, December 20, 2005
news hound

A bunch of interesting stories in the news...

  • "From a city in ruins, memories flow" - Part 3 of a great Seattle Times series about local people going over to Pakistan to help victims of the earthquake there.
  • A judge rules against intelligent design - I'm not too surprised, and as a Christian, I really wish those who claim the same would expend their energy elsewhere. Apparently issues like poverty, racial injustice, and teen drug use aren't quite as interesting as forcing public schools to distribute Christian doctrine.
  • XBox modders arrested - Three people were charged with the "crime" of modding, which allows people to play imported games, or copy games to the XBox's hard drive. I'm not one to endorse breaking the law, but really... don't cops in LA got something better to be doing? Like preventing violent crime?
  • Wikipedia Founder "Caught" Editing Own Bio - Both the best and worst thing about Wikipedia is that is allows anybody to contribute information to articles on the site. I myself have already contributed some editing to topics I know about, but articles about myself? Heh, no reason to yet. But I'm all of you already know about the evil power of Wiki-editing.
  • A Japanese review of "Memoirs" - The reviewer didn't like it either. Looks like the movie's on a one-way ticket to video! Haha.
  • Bad Santa(s) - Don't trust every fat man you see in a red suit.


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