Thursday, December 15, 2005
'merry christmas' is for the privileged

By a narrow margin, 215-213, the House passed a bill today, despite protests from many social and religious groups like Sojourners. Most critics noted the bill makes deep cuts in social programs such as welfare for the poor, child care, assistance to the elderly, and student loans. The total estimate is around $50 billion in cuts.

Before people get ready to throw their shoes at the Bush Administration though, it's worth remembering that there are members of the Democratic party that are just as guilty of hoarding wealth and have contributed to the plutocratic functioning of our current government system. For example, the current US Senate (composed of 55 Republicans, 44 Democrats, and 1 Independent) has always been composed of very wealthy individuals.

So if we're cutting $50 billion from social programs, we should be maintaining or raising our current tax rates, right? Nope. There's been about $60 billion in tax cuts, most of which already benefit the ridiculously wealthy in our country... the top 1% in America are already more wealthy than the bottom 95% rest of the country. Hurray for economic equality! (/sarcasm)


"So if we're cutting $50 billion from social programs, we should be maintaining or raising our current tax rates, right?"

If you cut money that the government is spending, all other factors aside, wouldn't you logically expect a tax cut?
not with a $317 billion budget deficit from just this year.
well obviously we're not letting enough cash trickle down. Any second year econ major could tell you that ;)
chris- when the big money trickles down to you, mr. wizard of wallstreet with a BS in biochem, lemme know. =P
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