Friday, December 02, 2005
last days

It was my last day teaching kindergarten at Beacon Hill Elementary today... of course, miss my kids. The three alternating weeks of lecture/classes and field experiences went by quick, and the more I'm actually out in the field teaching, the more I'm reminded that both the science and art of teaching is better mastered in a real world experience rather than sitting in a lecture hall. Thankfully, my program has been wise enough to recognize that and give us lots of field experiences.

Top moments from my time back in kindergarten:

-Conflict Resolution via Buttocks (this entry)
-Sorting out 4 different girls in my class... their names: Shareena, Sarina, Sabrina, and Jolina. (3 of them were Asian too)
-The kids being amazed at my (limited) Cantonese... "Grant, finish washing your hands. Fai di ah!". Kid: !!!
-Pimping fruit to my kids via shameless exaggeration. "Mmmm... these oranges ARE GREAT! Who wants an orange?" Kids: "Me me me!"
-The paper red circle / yellow triangle / blue square almost-riot
-Getting a birthday party invitation my first week of school from one of the kids(this entry)

Ah, good times.


gun spotting

I scored some free passes to a sneak preview of Aeon Flux (thanks my MoiMoi's job) and I watched it last night with Shiv, and guys from my Bible study crew. I went in with low expectations, but despite some cheesey dialogue moments, I liked the movie... then again, I was a fan of the original cartoon series by Peter Chung, and futuristic action type movies like the Matrix Trilogy, Equilibrium, and DOOM are all guilty pleasures of mine.

Anyways, for those of you who go watch it, see if your eye is as sharp as mine in spotting these guns:

-Israeli-made Tavor-21 bullpup assault rifle. (scoped w/ bipod)
-Austrian-made Steyr TMP which looks like it has modified body
-German-made Heckler & Koch MP7, also with a modified body
-American-made M1 Garand or M14, colored jet-black with modified buttstocks

But you know what makes all the those guns even more interesting to us guys?

Why, Charlize Theron of course... hahaha.


Wait, you're a kindergarten teacher AND a gun expert?

Seriously, I love people with contradictory interests. I have some too.
steve- yeah, what can i say? i'm a guy with a lot different interests...
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