Monday, December 19, 2005
"i've wasted more time dreaming than living"

The first day of fall
is the last day I'll kiss the sky
The cold air surprises my bones
have been spoiled by the summer's heat
The sun hides its face, and I'll hide mine too
sooner or later this winter will rain down
and leave me to wait for one year.

I'll be there, I'll be there
Next year this time, I'll be there
I'll dream of the past, and wish that I was there.

I am burning the letters of days gone by
I'm so sorry but I'm scared that my heart
will regret all the things that I've done
Breathe in all of the ashes of my mistakes.
Gently collapse so no one will notice
that you're falling too short of your breath.

I've wasted more time dreaming than living.
I've wasted more time dreaming...

I'll be there, I'll be there.

so cherish these days,
enjoy every breath
like it will be the last of your life.
Please never look back,
and never look back
because you won't forget why you cried...

-Daphne Loves Derby, "Come Winter"

It appeared on "shuffle" while I was eating and it stuck in my head.


hey garrett,

i heard daphne loves derby on awhile back and downloaded all their tracks. emo for sure, but it hits my mood quite well.

check out the new relient k EP, apathetic, its quite a treat.

hope things work out for ya with school/church and such

yung- thx for the tip. the funny thing is that i'm not really into emo that much at all, but i really dig DLD.

hope you're having a merry xmas!
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