Saturday, December 03, 2005
december blues

Days are shorter, nights are colder /
feeling like life is over, these snakes strike like a cobra...

I'm sure hip-hop fans will recognize the lines from above, though in my mind, they always play during winter time. It looks like Seattle's going to have a lot more snow this year.

All the more reason to catch up my watching of movies (Korean, Chinese Japanese), cartoons (Fullmetal Alchemist, Boondocks), episodes of Lost and my book reading for school - right now I'm reviewing Tatum's "Why Are the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?" and Snowman's "Psychology Applied to Teaching".

It's finals week for me next week. Oh boy.


Dude, that is so freaky. What's the make-up of your seminar?

I was in an almost all-white seminar, and they put me and the three African Americans together reviewing that book. There were only like two other non-white people in the whole class. It was the best segregation experience ever.

It was a hard sell, but I managed to shut up a lot of idiot white people attacks on the book, and I think at least a few people decided to read it after our presentation.
xian- sadly, my program is also lacking in the diversity department. out of a group of about 50 people, i'm only one of two non-white guys, and both of us are Chinese American. The 6 other people of color are girls - one Vietnamese American, one Chinese American, one happa Filipino/black, one happa Filipino/white, one Persian, and one Latina. So that's a grand total of only 8 out of 50.

and yep, we'd had to also convince some other people in our program of the validity of some of the book's points, such as the definition of racism - a system of power and privilege that benefits white people rather than just exclusively personal prejudice.
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