Tuesday, November 08, 2005
the things kids say nowadays

One of the small bonuses of working with elementary school kids, especially kindergarteners, is that the most hilarious things come out of their mouths - probably a combination of equal parts innocence and ignorance. Some of the highlights already from past days:


(during spelling practice)

TEACHER: F-A-T. What does that spell?
TEACHER: What does fat mean? What's something that's fat?

(one boy raises his hand)



STUDENT: Mr. Chan, you're old, huh?
GAR: Yeah, waaaaaaaaay old.
STUDENT: How old?
GAR: Guess. Think of a big number.
STUDENT: Ummm... you're 20?
GAR: You're absolutely correct.


(while talking about classroom rules and behavior)

TEACHER: ...so therefore, you all should not be distracting each other.
STUDENT #1: What about when Amy* makes noises?
TEACHER: You guys need to learn ignore everything.

(pause of silence as students ponder)

STUDENT #2: The teacher too?
TEACHER: OK, maybe not everything.


STUDENT: 'Morning, Mr. Chan!
GAR: Good morning, Todd*! I like your sweatshirt.
STUDENT: My Mom says I should wear it every day.

(Todd's sweatshirt has printed on the front, in bold capital letters, this phrase: I'M NOT WEIRD, I'M SPECIAL).

*All names have been changed, except mine, of course.


Ah, so funny.

Tomorrow, I'll be teaching patterns during math time using hopskotch. Hopefully jumping around for 15-20 minutes will tire them out for the rest of day, heh heh.


where can i get a sweatshirt like that?
I love the sweatshirt part. Very creative teaching methods, i just wish that hopscoch works with High school kids!
haha, maybe you can get one made on 'Neighborhoodies'? ;)
You should take a photo of the kid wearing that sweatshirt and post it up.
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