Saturday, November 19, 2005
game day

Things have been busy lately, but at least today, I could take a short break and zone out watching some college football. It was a close game, but sadly, the evil cats from Eastern Washington beat UW in the Apple Cup, 26-22. Then again, my expectations weren't that high, considering the sad state of Husky football this year.

Later, I watched the Cal-Stanford "Big Game". My mom, a Cal alum, came back home from work in time to catch the 3rd quarter and cheer manically as the Cal defense maimed the Stanford's quarterback(s). Looks like 'the Axe' belongs to Cal for another year.


In other sports news: Jojima may come to Seattle. If it's true, that'd be pretty cool. Finally, a good catcher and another Japanese player to the team...


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