Tuesday, November 01, 2005
big words and babysitting

So tonight I got to engage in the time-honored communal Sino-cultural practice of familial-related progeny overseeing, AKA Chinese people like having their relatives babysit for free. Not that I minded, though. My cousin Johnny's baby son is a cute kid and I enjoyed the diversion from my usual post-school activities of rote studying and religious e-mail checking.

My mother and I went right after she got off work since we carpooled together.

In between feeding the kid his favorite food (mashed squash), wiping drool of his face (double ply tissues), and playing with him (toy cars), it was funny watching his behavior. He's not even more than a year old, and he's already starting to walk around, master the throwing of plastic blocks, and squeal baby noises in response to the ridiculous faces I make at him.

Since most of the days in class these past few weeks I've been inundated with information on child psychology and development, all the terms and ideas flash before my eyes as I watch the baby play and learn... everything from the standard Erikson, to Vygotsky, to Bandura, to social cognitive theory and triadic reciprocal determinism. That's right, grad school has infected my brain with lots of big words and obscure theorists.

Anyways, separation anxiety kept the baby from falling asleep, so he sat next to me on the couch, and I read to him from some his baby books. When he started to zone out a little and not want me to read to him anymore, I read by myself some of Kohl's book (for class) and got started on a copy of Jarhead I checked out from the library, which has been a pretty interesting read so far. So interesting in fact, that I'm going to go read some more of it now before I wash-up and crash.



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