Saturday, October 08, 2005
taking a break to avoid breaking

v. 1. To separate into pieces suddenly or violently; to snap off or detach; to crack; to render useless or inoperative.

n. 1. An interruption, an opening a separation; the beginning of something; a pause or interval away from work.


In between everything that goes on during the week at school - the long commute, the lectures, the note taking, the discussions, the readings, the papers, and the assignments - sometimes it's nice to just do nothing. Maybe I'm just getting older and more cranky, but all the aggravation that builds up needs to be released.

After finishing some light chores around the house, I tried to relax a little by listening to some music and playing some War3FT, but surprise surpise... the internet was super laggy. So instead, I did the next easiest thing...


Hail Saturdays.


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