Thursday, October 06, 2005

The latest stories I've been reading:

  • An interesting story comparing the Japanese educational system to the US educational system, a sort of reverse trend of Japanese schools becoming more relaxed and non-traditional, while US schools become more heavily focused on standardized testing and academic achievement.

  • In another Japan Times article, a writer discusses the changing roles of Japanese women in the workplace and the issue of mote-hara (popularity harassment).

  • The NY Times features a story about how San Antonio leads the country in military recruitment, which on the surface seems perfectly fine... until the detail emerges that the school has a huge population of Hispanic students who come from mostly low-income and middle-class families. It's an interesting contrast to Washington state, where there are heavy controls on recruiters visiting high schools.

  • The U-Dub is changing its admission policy, abandoning it's old grid system of an admission index. Back in the day, when I had a 3.8 GPA and 1320 SAT, I was considered as "easy in"... now, it's a lot tougher to get into the UW these days.

  • A thought provoking column by my favorite columnist Jerry Large: Looking for a place where more isn't better.


i think japanese schools are still more rigorous than american school though. they HAVE to be - kids have to test into high schools still. my students can't believe when i tell them everyone goes to high school in the US (& Canada). a lot of my third years are already preparing for the HS exams in Feb.
angela- True, but some public school districts have testing/selection to see who goes to what schools, not just high schools. You're right that the Japanese system still is more rigorous, but it's good to notice current American trends, eh?
i read in the nytimes about japanese women and the decrease in marriage/increase in age before marriage. and how the women are replacing guymates with dogmates. haha.

f- well, compared to some of ppl these days... a dog is a much better friend. haha.
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