Monday, October 31, 2005

I had my first midterm today of my grad school career and it went OK. It was a multiple part essay test on several different subjects I've been studying in the 'Psychology of Learning' segment of class, some of which required me to make up ridiculous mneumonic devices like...

"Kari Carries Apples And Snakes Everyday"
(Bloom's multi-level taxonomy of learning, 1.Knowledge, 2.Comprehension, 3.Application, 4.Analysis, 5.Synthesis, 6.Evaluation)


"Postmen Fake Interest In Girls"
(Johnson & Johnson's five essential elements of cooperative group learning, 1.Positive Interdependence, 2.Face-to-Face Contact, 3.Interpersonal and Social Skills, 4.Individual Responsibility, 5.Group Processing)

Funny, huh? Big sounding words for a lot of (what seems to me to be) commonsense concepts.

It's strange to think that the last midterm I took before this one was back in March 2002, which feels like another lifetime ago. Trying to think back to what exactly I was doing around then, it was pretty much school, working, and working on stuff for CoHi 2002. Sadly nowadays, there's neither work nor CoHi, but I guess that's how it goes. Different seasons of life, right?

I just hope when I start teaching, I won't teach like this guy. Haha. (link from Mr. Brown)

I forgot what the point of this entry was.


postmen fake interest in girls...bwhahaha

faye- hopefully no US Postal employees read my blog. heh.
dude...ed psych. good times...sort of. :)
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