Friday, October 28, 2005
home alone

So I'm by myself at home the next few days while mom is off in Cali, visiting for cousin Ryan's wedding. I really wish I could go, but sadly, I can't afford to even miss a single day of grad school. After getting picked up after school today, I dropped off my mom around 5:30-ish at the airport and then headed home.

Traffic was ridiculous on the freeway at the time, so I ended driving along the backstreets to wait out the endless hordes of cars at the Barnes & Noble near Southcenter. Walking around the store, I briefly considered buying a copy of Jarhead to read before the movie comes out... but decided that since I haven't gotten my paycheck yet from Wing Luke, I have to continue holding my big budget of [z e r o]... which is actually pretty easy to do when you don't have penny to your name. I ended sitting down at a chair, reading Neil Gaiman's 1602, a graphic novel where classic Marvel characters (Nick Fury, Dr. Strange, the X-Men, etc.) exist in 17th century England. Pretty interesting to a closet comic book geek like myself.

After rush hour passed, I went home, ate dinner, and took a nap on the couch. As much as I appreciate my mom, it feels a little bit more calming to be alone in an empty house. As if being alone is my natural state or something.


On a completely unrelated note, a vending machine stole my money today. Twice.

The first time, I didn't even see it coming. I just put in some money to buy a soda, hit the button, and then, *creeeeak*...

...nothing drops out of the bottom.

I shake the machine a little, but nothing happens, so I figure it must be just stuck. The idea that the next person to use the vending machine would get two sodas was too much to bear, so despite the fact I had used the last of my loose change, I borrowed some more from classmates. Shiv came with me to bear witness and as I marched back to the machine, and as I inserted the money, I muttered to myself Please God, just give me the soda. I'm thirsty... just a soda, ok? I insert the coins, press the button, and then, *creeeak*...

...nothing drops out the bottom.

I shake, shove, kick, punch, and glare at the machine. NOTHING.


Yeah, I know it's not as bad as an Italian guy and leather armani coats, but man... I was thirsty. Of all the times for a vending machine to not work and take my money. Sigh.


if i was there, i woulda put $440 in quarters into that vending machine.
dks- hahah.
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the wedding was nice. too bad you and ginger weren't able to make it. heh, i didn't get to see much of the reception though because i was in the back taking pics for the 'photobooth' thing. crazy kids...
we had dinner with your mom tonight. as usual, both our moms were laughing hysterically to the point of tears (yes, in the restaurant) over breaking the wedding-cake figurine pieces ryan made (homestarrunner and marzipan). just ask your mom about it... hahaha.
oh yeah, so i just watched "batman begins" (got the dvd). it was ehhehexccellent. i wish there was more action with all the ninja-dudes though.
oops, i hope ryan (or anyone who still doesn't know who broke the figurines) doesn't read your blog. because i just indirectly snitched on our mothers. well, they didn't really do it anyway - it was just gravity... :|
jeremy- pwahaha. got pictures? =)
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