Wednesday, October 19, 2005
he's a complicated man...

...and nobody understands him but his woman.

It was a great episode tonight for LOST, not just in terms of plot, but that the show continues to flesh out the character of Jin.

I admit, when I first started watching the show, I was inclined to not like his character and agree with other people who thought it was conforming a little bit too much to stereotypes of Asian men - the domineering, wife-abusing, arrogant jerk-off. However,a as the show has progressed, the writing of his character has improved and he's actually a human being now, not a caricature. Some Asian Americans may still bristle at his flaws, but I think that if Asians/Asian Americans are ever to represented accurately in the media, the representation is more powerful when a character's flaws are held in tension with their virtues.

But yeah... a primetime network show that has an Asian male character who's actually shown as imperfect, but still shown to be basically a loving husband, loyal friend, and *GASP*... a "good guy"? I'm both amazed and barely able to contain my disbelief that's it's happening (finally)... the Apocalypse must be near.

They better not kill Jin off.

In other LOST news... I recently read an interview with actress Yunjin Kim (who plays Sun) on this site. I can't believe she's single!


Patriotism & Faith?

Capt. James Yee (ret), the Chinese American Muslim chaplain and West Point graduate wrongly accused by the US government of treason, recently spoke at a Seattle library and shared his new book. His story, a mixture of tragedy and warning about the times we live in today, is one that I think everybody should know - the Seattle Times wrote an excellent 9 part series about Capt. Yee.

I definitely want to read his book... time to add it to the reading list.

Apparently since being honorably discharged by the Army, Capt. Yee's family has been burdened by legal bills and sadly, his book is now one of their only sources of income. Not surpringly, the Army hasn't apologized either for what happened.


thats was the only full ep of LOST i watched. coincidence, too. i didnt know it was gonna be about those chars. (that dudes Korean sucks though.)

Yee is appearing at UCLA tomorrow, courtesy of the Asian American Studies Center and other groups. but unfortunately i dont think ill be able to make it. it woulda def been interesting.
that girl was amazing in shiri.

i heard the boy's Korean got a lot better. then again, i'm skeptical of the person's Korean...

i'm such a hater =p
ok i just read dks's comment.

the dude and the dude that said his Korean got a lot better...their Korean both must suck! i'll never watch it to find out though.

still a hater =p
dks, heh- yeah, i've heard DDK's Korean isn't that spectacular. He was born and raised in the States, I think.

Guess it's ironic that girl in Shiri plays the character who knows English when she's the one from Korea, right?
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