Monday, September 12, 2005
grad school grind

I'm tired. That's all there is to it.

I wake up early around 6:55AM, scramble around, and try to leave the house around 7:20AM. I sit in traffic for over an hour with my mom, staring at bumpers and breaklights, feeling my lifeforce drain away. I hopefully arrive at the Seattle U campus around 8:30AM, just in time to walk and meet my carpool with some other grad students to our assigned school. I'm then in school from 9AM-3:45PM.

I get back to Seattle U campus around 4:15PM, and hang around the computer lab to check e-mail. If I'm lucky, Shiv is home so I can visit her at her apartment, until my Mom gets off work at around 5:30PM. She picks me up around 6:00PM and we fight traffic as we head back down south, hopefully arriving home in about hour, around 7:00PM.

I then eat dinner while I do my assigned readings of books/articles and write papers. If I have some spare time, it's usually after 11PM, where I work on either work for the Wing Luke Museum or other misc. projects, watch a movie, or play some video games to relax (current favorites: WoW, WC3, Gameboy Advance). I then succumb to sleep around 1-2AM, only to repeat the process again.

Commuting everyday sucks, but I think I've given up hope of finding a place to live that's in walking/biking distance of campus. A friend and I scoped out some places, the most promising being a huge 2LDK in Chinatown for around $700/month, but parking was kinda iffy and there was a lot of paperwork and red tape to cut through (another Federally subsidized joint). I guess I have to resign myself to being tired all the time nowadays and having no life.

Sometimes, I think the only thing that keeps me moving is the kids.


graduate-level LEGOs

It hasn't all been joyless work, though. Recently, I got to work on a more personal project for class - the assignment was that I had to synthesize something artistic that would combine the many themes that the class has been reading about and discussing.

Not being one to conform, I decided to do something subtle, a little ambiguous, fun, and simple: an online children's photo storybook using LEGOs that I call, "Joe and the Mysterious Stranger".

You could say I was inspired by the Brick Testament.


cool Lego story dude. estimated time of construction?
chris - probably too much time... the hardest parts were the scenes with a lot of buildings and characters. the battle scenes were fun to construct, though.

taking the pictures was a bit of a pain too, since i don't have any good lens for my digicam or good lighting equipment. focusing in on the those little yellow heads can be taxing.
cool story.

i wish my connection was faster so that the pics appeared faster. i've read the whole story, but will have to come back to see all ur hard work constructing ur scenes.

dude, that sounds tough. i can't believe you could survive on such little sleep. i'm such a granny, i try to sleep by 10:30-11 and i get up around 6. and i STILL feel tired. one of the downfalls of teaching: early morning start times.
that lego story is tight. i like the mix of the different sets. makes me wanna break out my old legos.
f- sorry for dialup-unfriendly pics. It's worth it, though. =)

G- *nod*.

dks- do it! i'm sure you could come up with something pretty funny too...
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