Thursday, September 29, 2005
forum debates

Bored? Got time to read?

I found a link on The Fighting 44's to this fascinating debate on another forum right here... over 96 pages, though I'd advice only the first 25 or so are worth reading. The debate devolves from there into just a shouting match / argument. With over 45k views, what was the hotly contested topic?

Interracial Dating, specifically the Asian female / White male disparity. Always a controversial topic in the AsiamAm community.


damn. i couldnt get past the first several pages.
dks- some ridiculously statements, eh? My favorite "colorblind" quote:

I`m a Canadian born Chinese female and I personally don`t find most Asian men attractive. Too short, too effeminate and I like hairy guys.

seriously dude... i saw that and i was like wtf?? i felt that the more i read some of those users comments, the dumber i got.
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