Friday, September 16, 2005
brown equals terrorist?

I had class today, and it was interesting hearing other students' experiences working in various school districts - Seattle, Shoreline, etc. One student I talked to, who got placed in a Ballard school, told me that one of challenges that the staff at the school brought up with her was the challenge of a serious lack of a diverse population of students - historically, Ballard has been a mostly white neighborhood, with many residents having roots in Scandanavian countries.

Hearing the comment about Ballard's non-diversity brought to mind a story I read recently on another blog called "Brown Equals Terrorist", where a longtime half-black, half-white Ballard resident retells a true story about the realities that people of color live with today. Click on the photo on his page to read his harrowing story.

Anybody who's ever had an encounter with being wrongfully harassed by law enforcement (myself included) should be able to sympathize, but the broader message for people here in Seattle:

We're not as open-minded and accepting as we'd like to think we are sometimes...



It's the weekend... but I still got a crapload of stuff to get caught up on. Ulp.


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