Sunday, August 28, 2005
yes, that's just great

This entry sucks.

Car trouble... oh boy. Of all the things to have problems with... it looks like I'll be replacing the transmission. Why can't I just have a flat tire like normal people? And after all the time/effort/money I've spent to keep my poor car in good condition... =/

Still not knowing how I'll pay for school... more bills, bills, bills. Taking my mom to the ER. Finding out I can't live at the place I was negotiating at. Knowing that I'll be riding a nice 1.5 hours to school... which begins on Monday. Twisting my ankle at WB. What a nice month August has been. Yeah, I like it when things change for the worst. Really.

I resign myself to my foolish life and endeavor to medicate until blessed sleep. Trying is so trying.

I hope my father is blind to this existence of mine.

Yeah, this entry sucks.


i'm sorry to hear about life taking it's dump on you =(

i hope things'll start turning up, cuz it sounds like you need relief. good luck w/school on Monday~
Angela- thx.
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