Tuesday, August 23, 2005
magic camera, please

I had a strange dream last night that I found a magic camera that would let me take beautiful photos, like the stuff on SASO.NET or aaronhuey.com or pseudofish. Just one click of the magic camera's button and the photo would come out exactly like I pictured in my brain... no worries about focus, flash, light, etc. The ultimate camera for a simple guy like me.

I wonder if my sore ankle is giving me weird dreams.


haha, yes! the camera you were dreaming of is either the canon 1ds mark II, or the nikon d2x. buy one now! the 1ds is only $8000 and the d2x is only $5000. hot deal! ;)
btw: i forgot to ask you, but i met a guy (on the spokane team in czech) by the name of Dave Lester. i think he's the same age as you, and is also from kent. i don't remember what high school (kent ridge?) he said he went to but was just wondering if you might know him.
jerm - he went to kentridge? the same doesn't ring any bells, but maybe i should check my yearbook.

i think certain peoples would kill me if i bought a 8k camera before i bought an 8k ring... O_o
haha i concur - you definately won't be hearing any "bells ringing" if buy one of those cameras. but how about this: 5k for the d2x and 3k for the ring. hahahhaha.
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