Thursday, August 18, 2005
looking for the child within

I was copying the leftover VBS pictures from my computer to CD and it got me thinking a lot about all the different reasons that I enjoy working so much with kids. I could list all the usual, cliche things like "you can make a different in their lives" and "the things you teach them they'll remember long after they've forgotten you", but I won't.

It's not that those things aren't a part of my motivation, but as I was copying the pictures I had an odd thought about a lot of the kids in the pictures:

How much I envy them and wish I could switch places with them.

Let them worry about going to graduate school, loans, paperwork, driving a car, getting married, getting old, filing taxes, sick friends, dead family... I'd gladly take a day where my biggest concerns were green or blue popsicles, what crayon to color my monster's face, finding enough LEGO blocks to build a spaceship, playing YUGIO, watching an episode of Vegitales, or running topless through the sprinkler.


"back in the days when i was young
i'm not a kid anymore
but some days
i still wish i was a kid again..."

-Ahmad "Back in the Day" (right click + save as)

Gonna be gone for the weekend. Be back Sunday.


Good song selection. Always wanted to get a copy of the song, it's been years since I heard this song last.

What else you have hidden in your treasure of mp3?
ray - many many treasures, of course. at least stuff i consider golden. ;)
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