Saturday, August 13, 2005

*snap snap*

jumping into the picture

shortly before being trampled by a stampeding mob of 4 and 5 year olds


Nursing my vain ambitions to be a person with "photography skills", I've been helping take pictures of my church's VBS program these past couple days with the digicam. I'm also doing a slideshow for the church too, but luckily, other people are providing additional pictures.

Projects, projects...


In engagement news, late congrats to Angela & Andy, and Chongsun & Laura... more friends joining the "married club". Don't ask me if I feel left out. Or I'll punch you in your ovaries. YEAH.

*silent glare of guilty-inducing gloom*


thanks =) a friend of mine has been keeping tabs on friends of his who have gotten married/engaged in the past year. we're #33 on his list. my friend also wants to be engaged, but the timing isn't right for the moment...
angela- yeah, the past few years... everyone's been getting married. i just got back from another wedding today... Jim Lee & Yae Matsushima.

pretty soon, phase #2 will begin with all the young couples...


our wedding isn't even next year, so we're in for a long engagement. i'm tempted to adopt all my kids at the moment too, so might forgo the "BABIES" stage. will see. =)
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