Tuesday, August 02, 2005
hip-hop, conflict diamonds, rings, pt.2

A sort of continuation of this post.

Well, Kanye West's "Diamonds from Sierra Leone" remix with Jay-Z seems to have touched off a lot of different conversations. My friend Justin (live from the Korean motherland) posted some rather straightforward comments about the subject, along with some hilarious spoofs of diamond marketing advertisements. A much more involved discussion can be read on this site, though they take a decidedly stronger, anti-industry critique of hip-hop and Kanye West.

I can sympathize with their criticisms, but just the fact that West has used his popularity to draw attention to a significant issue earns him points in my book.

According to rumor, the "Diamonds from Sierra Leone" remix was inspired by a freestyle called "Conflict Diamonds" by another Chicago rapper named Lupe Fiasco. According to the rumor, Fiasco freestyled over the beat of "Diamonds" and after hearing his work, Kanye looked into the issue of conflict diamonds and was inspired to make the remix. Supposedly the two will collaborate more in the future.

You can check out Lupe Fiasco's freestyle right here. Get it while it lasts. (right click + "save as")

Best quote: "so many people do things to glorify 'em/ i felt like it was time for somebody do something to horrify 'em"


Still slaving away on grad school work. This weekend is coming up too fast.

If only whiskey increased my ability to complete the work faster... like +10 nerd productivity bonus.


kanye also bit the sample and the lyrics to jesus walks from rhymefest too, cause he used to perform his real version at shows before kanye blew up. he got credit on the album's liner notes though.

- akito
akito - ah, interesting... the world of hip-hop drama.

everyone sampling/biting everyone else...
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