Monday, August 15, 2005
end of an era

Why am I awake so early? I don't need to be up... O_o

So yesterday was the grand Greenwood house farewell party, though the word "party" seems to meager to capture all the fun and relaxing that I did for almost an 8+ hour event. Maybe "festival" is better fit... tons of friends, BBQ, sangria, dessert, and games. Heck, I even got (some) exercise chuck'n around a frisbee at the park!

Some pictures:

Stone working the grill

Little Ms. Sassy, Mia Nakano

People playing cards in this game like Trumps

Wong Super Trio + Beej... Vatos in Los Gatos!

Steph, Heidi, Marcia... the 2nd picture after the 1st was ruled scandalous

Simon smelling his fingers?, Dennis looking tired

rockstar Abe

party aftermath... the stacks of red cups are a testament to success

Stone also put up a southside thug mug of the two of us featuring our cool t-shirts. He also put up this picture of me, slouching and my alcoholic's belly full of the baby cow I swallowed whole before grilling parts of his flash. I have a feeling that I'll regret linking that picture, as I'm sure both my GF and sister will command to go on a diet after finding it.


VJ Day Anniversary, Technological Blood-Guilt

Today is the anniversary of VJ Day (Victory over Japan) Day and the end of WWII, but unfortunately, relations between Japan and most of Asia remain rather cold, as evidenced by some newspaper editorials. The horrific occupation of Korea and other Asian countries, the Rape of Nanking, "comfort women", The Bataan Death March, and of course, the infamous Unit 731 remain sore issues.

Interestingly enough, more evidence has recently come to light that post-WWII, the US paid members of Unit 731 money & bribes for their data, which was largely obtained via human experimentation on innocent Chinese people and POWs, some also being Russian, Mongolian, and Korean. The scientists were also granted amnesty and free from prosecution for war crimes in exchange for their research (WARNING: some graphic vivisection-type photos. Don't visit if you have a weak stomach).

Of course, this wasn't an isolated incident. It's also a well-documented fact that the US acquired a significant amount of data from Nazi scientists taken from Germany at the end of WWII in Operation Paperclip. These scientists were also bribed and given amnesty, and the much of their work formed the foundation of US technology in both the space program (NASA) and constructing ICBMs as vehicles for nuclear warheads, just as Germany had built V-2 rockets to attack Britain's cities and civilian populations.

After correctly pointing out the evils of facist militarism in Japan and Nazi Germany, it's funny how quickly we abandoned our supposed "moral high ground" in pursuit of our brand of militarism by deciding to reap the benefits of their blood-soaked research - all while PARDONING those responsible for conducting it.

Go Team America! (/sarcasm)

*shakes head*


is it gonna be a boy or a girl?

couldn't resist. ;op

f- definitely a boy. he eats too damn much... =P
I don't exactly look like Slim Jim in your photo of me grilling, either.
stone- u look fine. i'm the one rocking the potbelly-age!
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