Monday, July 25, 2005
the ugliness inside

(Gar + zefrank)

I consider myself a relatively safe driver who doesn't tailgate or speed excessively... but last night was exception.

As I was out driving for a late night food run, I had an episode of road rage. This punk(driving an SUV of course) cut me off really close, slowed down, and almost caused me to rear-end her. What pissed me off even more was that there was no need to cut me off... we're driving at night, on an uncrowded, two lane road. It was completely unnecessary.

I then sort of lost it... I high-beamed her and followed her closely around for a little, even past where I was going to go home. While the rational part was saying, "What the hell are you doing?", the darkside of me almost wished we crashed into each other, so I could have the pleasure of beating the living sh*t outta whoever was the driver. I swear, it wouldn't have mattered whoever was in that car. I was ready to tear their head off and spit on their lifeless corpse... but after my rage abated and my senses returned, I eventually just turned off and left.

Chasing someone around at 3AM in the morning isn't the smartest thing to do, and given the fact that I'm non-white male acting strangely, I'm sure there would have been a cop more than happy to bust 5 slugs into my head like poor Mr. Jean Charles de Menezes if I got caught.

I'm very well aware isn't so nice to erupt into an psychotic episode of chasing someone down in my car. But I guess I'm not feeling very peaceful of late.

The deadlines march onward.


zefrankengar. woohoo! -f
on my way home today, i noticed how much road rage i get when i'm on my bike. it's crazy trying to bike here -- narrow sidewalks, crowds of people who walk/bike irratically, taxi and random drivers running red lights when you are crossing the intersection even though your light is GREEN (i've had 17 such cases this year alone! yes, i counted). one of my teachers even caught me mouthing *something* when he saw me in his car, haha.
f - wh00t.

angela - nihon no driver = crazy.
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