Thursday, July 21, 2005
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Blue news for a blue day... another set of bombings in London, about two weeks after the original attack on July 7th. While details are sketchy about whether it's a copycat or the same group, I'm at least thankful that this attack was incompetently carried out... so far, no fatalities have been reported and the authorities are in pursuit.

I wonder if reaction to this latest set of attacks will be just as toxic as the first. This blog quoted some seriously disturbing comments from a conservative website in the aftermath of the first attack.

Check out what our "civilized West" had to say then and is probably saying now:

  • "Muslims - f*ck them, f*ck them all"


  • "Time to shutdown every mosque in London and ship all of them back to their place of origin."

  • "There is and has been an enornmous groundswell of mistrust/hate/whatever you want to call it, towards the muslim faith and their 'rights'. I don't know anyone here who is sympathetic to this pissant religion, and after this, who knows what may happen. We ain't Spanish cowards, we ain't French rollovers, and we ain't German girls."

  • "Time for the Roman decimation theory. Romans chose to kill one in 10 enemies as reprisals for any attacks on their territory. Just imagine if we applied this to Islam - 130 million fewer Muslims. Time to get the Tridents ready."

  • "DEATH TO THE LLL'S (Loony Liberal Left) AND MSM (Main Stream Media)TRAITORS"

  • "My blood is boiling, I think the time is coming when people of free nations, might have to establish organizations like the minutemen, and go mosque to mosque and start rounding up the bad guys. The government seems to be to pc for any real action. The people know who the enemy is, it is Islam and it should be destoyed. Right now as I see it, they want to destoy freedom, so it's destoy or be destroyed, I'm for the former.

    Give them a chance to get out, after that shut down the mosque, by any means necessary. Send in the demolition squads, and no I don't care if any korans are burnt, we need to take the battle to the enemey, and again the enemy is Islam, the cult of death, the religion of satan, they follow the words of a pedophile,rapist,pillager,thug."

  • "Just kill them all and let G_d sort them out. It's time to put an end to this evil ideology. It's not a religion. It's a death cult. Plain and simple."

  • "Goddamn left wing bastards are as much our enemy as the Islamonazis."

  • "But the LLL's say "Oh but the guy at 7-11" or "Oh but the Cab Driver" "Oh but the (insert random muslim taking money here) is so nice." "The muslims here are so nice and religious, they would never do someting like that, blahblahblah yadda yadday friggin' yadda."

    Shove that crap back up your prissy-pink PeeCee grandmothers ass once and for all.

    I'm sure that there were "nice" NAZIS, KLANSMEN and KHMER ROUGE as well you f-ing BOZO. Being "nice" and innocuous is not enough to get you off the hook. If you support "ISLAM" then you support this kind of shit, ergo you don't deserve the protections of Western Society in order to spread your sickness.

    If these were "spreaders of virulent tuberculosis" instead of "Muslims" they would be hunted down mercilessly until every last one was quarantined or eliminated. There would be no outcry over the "civil rights" of the infected. I am telling you, that ISLAM is a disease even worse. ISLAM WILL DESTROY YOU UNLESS YOU DESTROY IT.
    There is a window of opportunity now.
    Mohammed is the Devil.
    Islam is an abomination before God
    Death to Islam
    It's the only way to save ourselves."

Aiyah. A quote from Nietzche comes to mind.

"He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. When you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you."


In other less important news...

-Microsoft Sues Google Over Departure of Taiwanese American Exec

-Grand Theft Auto: San Adreas Gets Slapped With 'Adults Only' Rating

And the world keeps turning.


So many wrong things in this there always will be. When there is news, it's usually not good, because reality in other places and with other people is usually much harsher than what many others experience. I'm glad that these things are reported though. It gives us a bigger picture of the world outside of our own little world.

I think that one thing that comes to mind is, nobody knows what it's like to be the other person. There are some things that people just don't understand, because they don't know what it's like. Ignorance, probably...many fail to see why things are a certain way and forget that events change us and experiences shape us.

I hope that people will take a look outside of theirselves and try to understand other people. We're all human...we all have the same nature, yet we're different in little ways. The differences, sadly, are what we choose to discriminate against, and the similarities are what we fail to see...

Anyway, those are my thoughts. Anyway, I still believe that even though events change us, and experiences shape us, that we still have control over what we become. I don't believe that everyone is a product of their environment. But I do believe that it can be an influence. I think that the term, "become better, not bitter" is a useful term.

Anyway, these are just my thoughts...agree or disagree, you're welcome to.
good points, man. I think that's what bothers me the most about a lot of people's comments... a failure to even try to understand what it must be like for other people in the world, people who have a different religion or way of life.
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