Saturday, July 09, 2005

When I first heard about the show I was skeptical - a plane crash? People stuck on an island? And some Korean American characters who can't even speak English? Another stoic Asian American male character? The heck?! I'm a self-admitted TV hater, disgusted with the numerous shallow characters and vapid plotlines... I prefer the self-contained stories within the medium of a movie.

But the hype is true - Lost is a great show.

I found the pilot on BitTorrent and got so hooked, I got my hands on the entire season to watch it. I finally finished it today... all 25 episodes.

What makes the show so compelling? The drama? The diverse cast of people? The mystery surround the crash and the island? Sure, all those things are compelling... but more than anything, it was the spiritual nature of the show that I enjoyed.

The exploration of human fraility and the struggle to conquer it... each character brings baggage to the island, and I'm not referring to their luggage. It wasn't until a few episodes into the show that I finally realized that Lost refers not only to their physical situation (being stuck on an island) or their mental capacity (not fully understanding the mystery of the island). I realized Lost refers to the condition of the souls of each of the characters - each of their respective falls from grace, and their struggles toward one of most elusive things in this broken world...


There's a lot more than meets the eye to the show. I think everybody should watch it... the DVD comes out September 6th. This first season of Lost really is some of the best TV I've seen in a looooong time.

I just hope the second season doesn't suck.


perhaps i will watch it now.

i'd stumbled on the show a few times and watch it but then stopped...

when i heard the korean guy's korean. IT SUCKS!

that turned me off so badly.
yeah, that Korean guy's Korean sounded so weird to me... at least compared to what I'm used to hearing from watching Korean movies and dramas.

Still, I like the show. Maybe 2nd season he'll speak more English. haha.
yeah judging from the speed in which the girl learned to communicate in English, they'll both probably be speaking English second season.

i hope at least. that boy's Korean is a crying shame!

i'm a Kazi. what.
but you know what i'm pretty amazed that the girl is there.

you ever watch shiri?
heh- actually, i haven't seen 'shiri'... been meaning to, tho.
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