Thursday, July 14, 2005
LA times

LA is freakin' hot.

It's been an interesting time here in LA already... my cousin has been a good host, trying to keep me amused - last night, he picked me up at LAX and we went to see a concert at this mega-church out in northern LA by these guys, Shane & Shane. I had heard of Shane Barnard before from G-Sak, but I wouldn't consider myself much an expert on their music (or most contemporary Christian pop music, for that matter).

The church they performed at was huge, but what impressed me was the talent and honesty of their performance - just simple acoustic guitar and the two of them singing, prefaced with an introduction of them saying, "We're not passionate about worship music. We're not passionate about performing. We're passionate about God." Props.

Today I spent time relaxing at my cousin's apartment while he was at work until I met up with Steph who arrived this morning and rented a car. We ended up wandering Westwood together, bought some tasty iced matcha ice cream drinks from a hole-in-the-wall joint, and concluded that compared to Telegraph by UC Berkeley or 'The Ave' by U-Dub, Westwood is pretty lame.

We met my cousin for dinner in the evening, an experiene that was a first for me - eating at Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles. Damn good.


mmmm roscoes... i haven't been there in a while. did you go to the original one of sunset & gower?
yuuup, westwood is pretty yuppy. you need to take a drive down sunset blvd - that'll get you on the edge of your seat (or ducking).
oh yeah dude... Telegraph beats the hell out of antiseptic Westwood.
ooh. you gotta try ttuk-bo-sam in K-town. it's Korean bbq wrapped in thin slices of mochi. yum.

hey gar, wanna be the wb mc? heh
jerm - went out to the Roscoe's in West Hollywood. that it?

dks, mary - (nod)

ryan - ok.
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