Tuesday, July 19, 2005
LA re-cap in pictures

Finally got them off my camera... beat ya, Steph! Still haven't started my laundry yet, though... heh.

From a goofy gift stop in Westwood. I'm always happy to find my name... it's usually never around.

Roscoe's chicken and waffles... mmm. I got dark meat.

In the frozen yogurt store in Old Pasadena with Steph, Simo, and Jerm.

Hahaha. Yeah, I still have a juvenile sense of humor.

The church where the wedding was at... cozy place in Westwood.

Mandatory wedding PDA.

Steph, Amy Nish, Jerm.

My only good photo of the Korean wedding ritual during the banquet.

Mrs. and Mr. Kwon come to visit our table.

My favorite pic... the old crew. UWAACF 2000-01, represent!

My cousin, who graciously let me crash at his place. He loves his steaks.


cool pics.
i remember that year in AACF, and "talk time with Grace!" =)
hey it looks like your cousin also loves his pot... haha.
angela - yeah, finding the old website was nice... I don't even have the original files anymore even though I made it!

dks - haha.
whatever happened to the polaroids that were taken? i remember wanting to have mine at the end of the year... do you know where they are?
I see that Forrest is also a license plate too! You could have gotten one of your good friends that one. I'm just kidding.

Angela - I got mine last year. I could ask around and see if they still have them somewhere.
nice update on the polaroids... maybe i should hunt down mine too.
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