Friday, July 29, 2005
i <3 Seattle Times

Even though they never gave me a chance at a job, I still love reading The Seattle Times. People in this area I think are spoiled by having a Pulitzer Prize-level newspaper.


My favorite columnist Jerry Large has written some good columns recently on rap music, cultural traditions, the 'coolness' of hybrid SUVs, and even video games. I suspect most people who read his work are baby boomers / parents, but I still enjoy his writing anyways.


Why I avoid trucks carrying heavy cargo on the freeway... a mother and daughter revise the law, and rebuild their lives.


An interesting article on marriage & divorce... marriage as a learned behavior; can divorce be foretold? According to the study, the risk factors for divorce:

-Having divorced parents
-Marrying young
-Living together before engagement
-Being previously divorced or marrying a divorced partner
-Having a child before marriage (and, to a lesser extent, getting pregnant before the wedding)
-Being much older or younger than your spouse
-Marrying someone of a different race
-Following different religions or no religion
-Having low education levels

Divorce rate in America is still around 40%.


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