Sunday, July 10, 2005
food for fong

It was an early start today... but when someone offers to make you breakfast, it's hard to say no. I got to visit Faith Bible, and afterwards, I went with Shiv & Tiana as they signed the lease on their new place.

I'm jealous. I think I'm going to be living in a cardboard box.

Afternoon was listening to auditions for CoHi Film Project.


In the evening, I was originally planning to go to whirleyball and Korean food, but I received a sort late invitation during the week to a party instead. Being that I've known my friend Chris (whose blog template looks like it arrange by a deranged squirrel with microscopic vision) for more than two decades now, I elected to bump his birthday up in priority.

Befitting his personal passions, his birthday celebration was a flurry of culinary consumption carnage, where a hungry pack of guys consumed mass quantities of food over the course of an hour at a probably (soon to be impoverished) Chinese buffet restaurant.

Post-dinner, it was back to his house to eat pie and collectively contemplate the sage wisdom of Dave Chappelle.

Later, Chris taught the group how to play this card game similar to "Mafia" called Bang! - a game modeled after a Cowboy Western gunfight where outlaws try to kill the sheriff, deputies try to protect the sheriff, and renegades want to wack everybody else, with the sheriff being last. It also gives a person with adolescent humor like myself the chance to say things like, "Haha, you just got banged by him... TWICE!" and laugh. Hard.

Ironically, as we were leaving the party, Chris' mom informed us that there had been a shooting on the freeway and the on-ramp near his house was closed. I drove about a half-mile north to another exit, and as I headed back south on the freeway, I saw 3 lanes closed off by flares as a skirmish line of police officers walked along, looking for evidence... probably looking for spent bullet casings of whatever gun was popped off.

I drove home fast, with 88.5 classic jazz blaring. I'm tired.


man... now there are freeway shootings happening up there? i guess it's the new gang trend that started here in socal. another reason, besides gas, to stay off the roads :|
jerm - i just hope it doesn't become a common occurrence... as if the freeways these days were already dangerous.
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